The Perfect Challenge

Automation vs Old Fashioned Customer Service

Pay at the pump, online check-in, self-service checkouts: it’s clear that our world is becoming increasingly automated. Consumers are striving to be more self-sufficient and in response, businesses are searching for ways to create a speedier and more efficient service offering.

Needless to say, the delivery industry has been heavily impacted by the demand for a more flexible service and the ability to provide ‘as they happen’ communications. At Crown Couriers, we’ve invested in technologies which enable us to offer just that. Optimised route planning software enables us to quickly allocate routes as efficiently as possible, driving both time and cost savings for our customers. Whilst dynamic text and email notifications provide automated, live updates regarding the status of a consignment, direct to the customer.

But will we lose the human touch?

Implementing new technology, whilst maintaining good old-fashioned customer service is a balancing act for Crown Couriers. We understand there is a high demand for modern and automated communications, but sometimes our customers just want to speak to an experienced and knowledgeable advisor to deal with their requirements. That’s why our control centre is manned 24/365, for those occasions when only a human interaction will suffice.

By using technology as a means to enhance the experience that we deliver to our customers, we avoid sacrificing the benefits of human interaction, but gain a resolution to offering increase flexibility and proactive communications to our sameday delivery service.

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