Preparing for Peak

Christmas seems to start earlier and earlier each year as consumers want to beat the rush. This year Christmas decorations and confectionary started appearing on the shelves even before the Halloween themed goods.
You may think this early doors approach would create a steadier increase in demand and less of a spike, you’d be wrong! There’s still a significant spike in demand for same day deliveries in the last 3 months of the year.

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During peak 2016 our volumes doubled that of normal demand. Our control team work relentlessly to ensure they utilise our fleet to maximise efficiencies. This benefits the drivers too with uncapped earning potential… always nice in the lead up to Christmas!
Our Control Team Leader, Kev, reflects on Peak last year ‘2016 was my first peak period in the same day courier industry and it opened my eyes a lot.
I was really impressed at how, despite no increase to internal staff numbers, the day & night teams pulled together so well to cope with the significant increase in volume- particularly from ad-hoc work. Strong communication was key as well as each member of the teams taking full ownership of the jobs and drivers allocated to them.
We are expecting an even greater increase in demand this Christmas. As such we started planning in January of this year, continually improving processes to deliver greater efficiencies. We have a restructured resource team and have recruited for our internal customer service and control teams. We are confident we have everything in place for a smooth peak 2017.’
It can be difficult to get forecasts from customers, we work hard to ensure we have a larger capacity year on year. Our restructured resource team have been busy recruiting new drivers since May of this year. The team are not only consistently taking on an average of 10 drivers a week but are also continually auditing our existing fleet of 450 drivers ensuring all files are up to date. As a result, we’re confident that all our drivers are licenced and insured in road worthy vehicles and are trained in manual handling.
Over the last few years we’ve experienced considerable growth. Following peak 2016 the volumes dropped down to standard levels in January and February, by March and April the volumes had once again rose back up to peak levels, where they have since remained.

In preparation for peak 2017 our focus has been increasing our fleet with quality, security cleared drivers.

Industries Served

At Crown Couriers we partner with businesses in a range of industries to bring real time and cost savings to our customers. We have built our long standing reputation on our policy of transparency, honesty and integrity and our proven track record of getting it right first time.

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We have drivers airside security cleared, this enables businesses to send our drivers straight in to collect goods without need to chaperone thus causing delays.
Our office is manned 24/365 so we can respond immediately to urgent AOG collections and deliveries anywhere in the UK.
We partner with distribution companies to assist with ad-hoc and scheduled time critical collections and deliveries. Partners benefit from our flexibility, we supply the volumes required on each day.
We have an 11,500sqft warehouse available in Tamworth, Staffordshire. This can be used a self-contained office and warehouse or used as an overspill storage facility.
Public Sector
Our fully trained compliance team ensure we’re up to date with the latest legal requirements.
Our resource team are constantly auditing to ensure driver’s documents are up to date. Driver’s files contain valid documents proving their right to work in the UK, their right to drive their vehicle, a CRB check and a manual handling certificate.
We transport time critical, expensive, fragile equipment throughout the UK on a daily basis. We don’t co-load; your consignment is handled with care from collection to delivery. Our online booking system allows you to track the goods in real-time.
We are trusted by communications companies to deliver parts to engineers on site throughout the UK.
Our specially trained, security cleared drivers deliver medical equipment and supplies directly to patients homes, professionally and discreetly. The driver also collects medical waste for disposal.
 Professional Services
You can rely on Crown Couriers to deliver your time-critical, sensitive documents. Whether they’re court papers, tender document or a material sample you’ll have peace of mind they’re being treated as a priority and will be delivered as per the agreed time by a professional, uniformed driver.
We work with the leading car manufacturers to deliver urgent parts to garages with cars waiting on ramps. Relying on our quick service reduces the time a customer is without their vehicle. 
Urgency is our forte. We have vans strategically placed Nationwide to collect goods within 60 minutes of a booking being made, ready to deliver anywhere In the UK.
Whatever your industry or size of your business, if you required timed, secure deliveries trust Crown Couriers to be your strategic logistic partners. We are Where and When it matters.

Key Account Management

Do you expect more from a Courier company than just an A2B service? Do you want a company with the skills and capacity to partner with your business to provide a strategic logistics solution bringing about real time and cost savings?
At Crown Couriers, we have 2 Key Account Managers who will meet with you as often as you require. They have a combined total of 50 years’ experience within the industry and will use this knowledge to develop a bespoke package for your unique requirements.

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For the initial part of the process, you will meet with one of our Key Account Managers to ascertain what your current requirements are and what you see them being in the future. We will understand the challenges you face such as peaks and troughs of volume or tight delivery windows. We will then provide you with a bespoke quote. For scheduled deliveries, we not only look at the cost per mile but we also take into account other routes within the area to see if delivery/ collection times tally to enable us to pass on cost savings to you.
Your Key Account Manager will then arrange an internal meeting to ensure everyone at Crown is fully prepared regards your account and your specific requirements. You will be given contact details for the member of our customer service team who you’ve been assigned to. If desired, you will also be given log on details for our online booking portal. You have the choice; you can book online, by phone or by email.
Follow up meetings will be scheduled with your Key Account Manager at a frequency to suit you and your business needs. During these follow up meetings, we will report back on KPI’s and will encourage you to feedback on your experience of our service.
We are relentless in our pursuit of excellence. We are Crown Couriers. We are Where and When it matters.

Not all Couriers are created equally

Do you think you’ll get the same service from a local man with a van as you will from a structured courier company with 27 years’ experience? A man with a van can certainly assist with many low value, low priority consignments but If you need a trusted logistics partner that can cope with high value, time critical deliveries with fluctuating volumes you need to work with Crown Couriers.

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We have a proven track record, partnering with a range of businesses in a range of industries to provide efficient solutions for your regular and ad-hoc van requirements.
All of our vans are audited regularly to ensure they’re less than 6 years old and road worthy. Drivers are security cleared, trained and tracked.
We aim to collect your consignment within 60 minutes; we then transport your consignment directly to the delivery address. You effectively hire our van for the duration of the journey, we don’t co-load.
We constantly monitor the route to ensure the driver is warned of any traffic or road works so they can avoid it if possible. If it’s not possible to reroute you will be called at this point and a new ETD will be advised.
This service does not alter out of hours – at Crown Couriers there’s no such thing as out of hours- our office is manned by a dedicated team 24/365.

We are Where and When it matters.

Maintaining Standards

Since 1990 we have grown from a local area courier to the UK’s leading bespoke, same day courier service, with over 400 vans at our disposal.
Despite our growth, we have maintained a personal and professional service for all of our customers. We work with a range of business types and sizes in a variety of industries.
You can trust Crown Couriers to deliver. We are where and when it matters.

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Our resource team are constantly auditing to ensure…

Our vehicles are
-Less than 6 years old
-Fully insured
-Clean and well maintained
-Safe and suitable for the roads
-Have tracking
-Categorised correctly by size on our system

Our drivers are
-CRB checked
-Have a hands free phone to maintain contact with our control team
-Trained in manual handling to ensure safety for your goods and themselves

Our prices are
-Transparent – we provide a break down and we don’t add surcharges
-Per loaded mile

Our service is
-Available anytime – our office is manned 24/7
-Proactive – we’re constantly monitoring our drivers and the route to avoid delays
-Fast – we aim to collect within an hour of booking and deliver directly to the delivery address
-Professional – you can rest assured the driver and van will be a positive reflection of your company
-Personal – you’ll be allocated an account manager and you’ll get to know our friendly customer service team as you arrange your deliveries
-Straight forward – we have one central office location – much simpler than a network of regional depots

Whether your requirement is regular or ad-hoc, submit an enquiry today and let us be your trusted logistics partner.

B2B Specialists

We specialise in B2B deliveries throughout the UK and Europe. We are the strategic partners for many businesses in a range of industries including Manufacturing, IT, Pharmacy and Professional Services.
When the delivery is time critical, contains sensitive information or is of high value you need a specialist, you need Crown Couriers.

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Check any business forum discussing couriers and there is one major complaint – deliveries attempted out of hours. Not mentioning names, but some couriers think 8-8 is an acceptable window. Many people can’t/ won’t/ don’t accept windows such as this in their personal lives. Why would they in their professional lives?
We offer a bespoke solution. We can collect goods within an hour of booking, provide a dedicated vehicle with a security cleared driver and deliver using the quickest route possible. Alternatively we can collect at a specified time and deliver as per the booked in arrangements.
What’s more, some couriers don’t have standards when it comes to vehicles. Do you want your high value goods being transported in an old car? We guarantee your goods will be delivered in a modern van.
You get the sole use of our Van so you can rest assured your goods will be secure, handled with care and treated as a priority.
Submit your enquiry today and put an end to calls from unhappy customers wondering where their goods are!

Top Courier Myths … Busted!

Trying to decide whether to pick up the phone or to get in your car and deliver yourself? Let us bust some Courier myths for you.

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‘My Van requirement is ad-hoc; it will be cheaper to deliver it myself’
Really? Even if we remove the vehicle, tax, insurance, fuel costs there is the biggest cost of all remaining… your time! Whether you're the director, a manager or an executive you’re at work to do your core responsibilities, not to be delivering parcels! What will suffer if you’re out of the office for a couple of hours? Keep working and let us take care of your deliveries.
At Crown, we aim to collect your goods within an hour of the booking being made. You will know the price for the job upfront and there are no hidden extras. From the moment the goods are collected you have total peace of mind that they’re being transported directly to their delivery destination.
‘It will be quicker if I deliver it myself’
Wrong! Unless you happen to have a team of 30 working in the background to plan routes, check for road works and who know traffic hotspots? No? We do!
Our control team manage our driver’s routes and will get a driver to you as soon as possible. Our customer service team then monitors the driver to ensure he doesn’t encounter any delays and to enable us to provide you with the most accurate ETA possible.
‘A same day courier is expensive’
We don’t hide that we offer a premium service for goods of a high value or of a time sensitive nature.
Our service is competitively priced. Partnering with us as your dedicated same day courier service will enable us to improve processes and create efficiencies. For example, could some of your ad-hoc deliveries be grouped? We could then offer a more cost effective service with a multi drop route.

Need a Chauffeur for your VIP’s? (Very Important Package’s)

Do you have an urgent consignment that needs sending?
Have you been let down in the eleventh hour?
Are the goods of high value?
Are they time critical?
Do they contain sensitive information?
Do you need a same day courier service you can trust?

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If you answered yes to any of these questions then give us a call… or keep our number stored in your phone for the next time you find yourself in the situation 0330 3334400
Our offices are manned 24/365 and we have vans throughout the UK waiting to collect your goods and deliver anywhere in the UK or Europe. We only use security checked, trained drivers who are uniformed and carry ID badges. The driver uses the most efficient route possible and will not stop until they reach the delivery destination.
Your goods are insured up to £25,000 whilst in transit as standard, this can be increased if required.
We aim to collect within 60 minutes of the booking being made. Your goods will then be transported using the most economical vehicle and efficient route possible OR as per the booked in time slot you provide.
Whether you need to move a pallet of car parts or an envelope of confidential documents, we can provide an efficient solution on an ad-hoc or regular basis.
When you use Crown Couriers you will have peace of mind that your goods will be treated with the utmost urgency and care. We are Where and When it matters.
Submit your requirement today and let us provide you with a tailor made quote

Carrier vs Courier

Logistics jargon can be confusing, and who has the time to decipher what it all means when you just need the goods to be collected and delivered ASAP?
Hopefully this quick guide helps…

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Next Day Carrier
Next day carriers tend to have very large networks and deliver countless parcels on a daily basis throughout the country. They are able to offer low prices due to the volume they are moving, your goods become a number added to an already vast number in transit. This service tends to have attractively low headline prices; however this low price can come at a cost. This cost is the service. The tracking available on this option tends to be very limited; collected, in transit, and delivered. This is fine for companies dispatching small, low value goods but if you’re not dispatching this type of product you should carefully assess the risk involved and consider your options.  
Same Day Courier
A same day courier provides a dedicated vehicle which is fully trackable. Your goods will be collected and delivered without stopping. The most suitable vehicle for your goods will be sent from small vans, to long wheel base, to Luton’s and beyond. The vehicle will deliver ASAP or as per the agreed booked time, using the most economical route and with only your consignment on board. If paperwork is required the driver can obtain signatures and return this to you.
Crown Couriers
Crown couriers have a modern fleet of 500 vehicles and offer a dedicated same day service 247/365 days a year. Our fully trained drivers are security checked and carry ID. We aim to collect within an hour and deliver ASAP. All drivers are fully trackable so we can provide real time data. We are proactive in our operations and will advise you of any traffic delays immediately so you always have an up to date ETA. We will also let you know the moment your consignment has arrived safely.
We’re where and when it matters, you will have complete peace of mind.

Is your supply chain working Sustainably?

Every day we watch the news there seems to be a new environmental crisis. Melting ice caps, forest fires, mud slides, earth quakes, Tsunami’s it really is never ending. We are finally starting to wake up to the effect we’re having on our environment and climate.
Everyone must do their bit to stop our effect on our planet continuing at the present rate. There are many business sustainability incentives in place such as environmental tax reliefs and enhanced capital allowances for energy saving equipment. The small changes we make will be the ones with the largest impact over time, whether we’re a sole trader or a multinational.
The days of sustainability being a trendy buzzword have passed. Consumers now expect businesses to operate sustainably – including their supply chain.

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Have you gone paperless yet?
If you’ve invested in the right software and technology there is no need for reams of paper cluttering desks or filing cabinets. It will be a big culture shock at first but it will lead to a much slicker way of working… plus don’t forget the savings!
At Crown Couriers, our complete paperless process includes online booking, electronic work assignment, track and trace, e-pods on arrival, e-billing and e-banking. All of these help to reduce waste, lower costs and promote efficiency.
A2B’s covered, what about the return?
We specialise in same day deliveries nationwide at Crown Couriers, we have a dedicated team arranging the driver’s routes. We don’t want empty vans on the road. We work proactively to ensure drivers have collections in their delivery area so they are not doing the return trip empty. This ensures drivers maximise their earnings for the day and reduces our environmental impact. It also helps us with driver recruitment and driver retention; securing a consistent fleet.
We plan our same day delivery routes based on the most direct routes, again keeping our environmental impact to a minimum.
Consider your impact on the environment before sending out half full wagons – would a van be able to carry those pallets? Call us and we’ll have one sent to you within an hour. We’re more than a nationwide courier, we’re your strategic logistics partner.
One central location
We operate from one office, located centrally in Tamworth, Staffordshire. We see no benefit of multiple UK locations when this just increases impact upon the environment, increases costs and can have an adverse effect on customer experience
Audit your supply chain
Are you working with companies as committed to sustainable working practices as you are? If not give us a call and lets discuss how we can help you.

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